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Do you have special transportation needs? If so, this project may interest you!

The Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization (CYMPO) has initiated a Regional Mobility Management Implementation Plan to strengthen mobility and improve access within and beyond Yavapai County. This Plan also will investigate how to improve mobility through customer outreach and information, administrative and operating services, technology, cost-saving measures, and evaluation of services and systems. It will also address linkages between existing transit systems and services.

The Plan will also serve as a federally required update to the Transit Implementation Plan, and will contain all aspects of the Coordinated Public Transit – Human Service Transportation Plan for the CYMPO region. The Plan is not intended to function as a transit planning instrument in the Verde Valley where the City of Cottonwood operates a regional transit system, only a means to coordinate resources.

At the same time, advocates for transit in the Town of Prescott Valley are evaluating the transit service needs in the Town and the viability of asking the voters to establish a Transit District to provide these services. See our plans, studies, and reports section (Other Documents tab above) for additional information on this concurrent project.

Yavapai County Regional Mobility Management Implementation Plan

Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan
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Regional Mobility Management Planning Map

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Yavapai County Regional Mobility Transportation Planning Map

Study Schedule

The schedule is anticipated to be completed in twelve months, and has several opportunities for coordination with local stakeholders and service providers.

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Mobility Plan Schedule

Local Coordinating Council Meetings

September 9, 2015

October 20, 2015

  • Pending

Public Meeting – May 2016

A public meeting will be held in spring 2016 to provide the community an opportunity to participate in the development of the Plan. Study information will be presented and members of the community will be invited to ask questions and share ideas and comments. Meeting details will be advertised in the newspaper and online. After the meeting, the presentation and supporting materials will be available online to accommodate interested parties not able to attend.

Public Comments  and Outreach

Because the Plan is intended to serve the needs of many individuals and groups, public involvement is a very important part of the process. Comments and questions may be submitted at any time using the Regional Mobility Management Plan for Yavapai County Comment Form, by mail, or by phone.

The local coordination councils for the CYMPO and Verde Valley region are providing guidance for this study. Many representatives of agencies providing human services and employment and training serve on this committee but we are also looking for citizens to represent persons who are elderly, have disabilities, or are Veterans. If you are interested in participating, you may contact Vincent Gallegos at CYMPO at (928) 442-5730 or RJ Erickson at NACOG at (480) 220-3310 for those in the Verde Valley area.


Click here to print our comment form.  You can then mail it to us at the following address:

Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization
1971 Commerce Center Circle
Suite E
Prescott, AZ 86301


  • 5 - Least Important43 - Neutral21 - Very Important
    Public transit is available at a low cost so the elderly can live independently.
    Public transit is available at a low cost so potential workers can access jobs.
    It is easy to navigate the system to find low - cost transportation services for which a person may be eligible.
    The developed area uses the Federal funds allocated for transit services.
    Public transit and human service transportation be coordinated into a cohesive system.
    Transit is used as a tool to reduce congestion in the Sedona area.
    Transit is used as a tool to reduce congestion on Highway 69 near Sedona.
  • 4 - Least Important321- Very Important
    Improving the current transit services between Prescott, Prescott Valley, and/or Chino Valley*
  • You may select one or more options.
  • 4 - Least Important321- Very Important
    Providing local public transit in Prescott Valley
    Providing transit services in City of Prescott
  • 4 - Least Important321- Very Important
    Providing additional transit connections to other communities**
    You may select one or more options.

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