Plans and Studies

Below you will find recent plans, studies, and reports regarding transportation needs in Yavapai County.  Please click the title below, and the highlighted box will expand with more information.

2016 Town of Prescott Valley Transit Evaluation

Yavapai County Regional Mobility Management Implementation Plan

Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan

Click here to download and view the final YCRMMIP document (11.5MB PDF).  If you would like to download smaller files, you may choose specific portions of this document to the right.  Please feel free to submit your comment. If you want to download documents of a smaller file size, or a specific portion of the entire document, you may do so here….

Corridor Studies

Regional Transportation Plan

A regional transportation plan update will be prepared for the 25 year planning horizon validating and/or updating the existing 2040 plan as previously adopted for the metropolitan planning area of the Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization (CYMPO). The existing travel demand model and other components of the existing adopted plan will be readopted as is with the exception of the key tasks identified below: The main deliverable products of the study update will include the following:


  • Verification/Update of Population Data using Census 2010 data
  • Addition of a Sustainability/Livability component
  • Addition of Transit component
  • Status update of projects identified in the previous study
  • Final Report

Regional Transportation Plan 2014 Update

Regional Transportation Plan 2011 Update (Adopted June 2012) Click here >>> Regional Transportation Plan (Adopted October 2006) Click here >>>

Transit Implementation Plan (TRIP)

The Transit Implementation Plan (TRIP) is a follow-up to the “Regional Transit Needs Study” that was completed by CYMPO in April 2007. The TRIP document identifies a transit service alternative and develops an implementation plan to initiate service on a step by step basis. The Plan was developed with the advice of a staff sub-committee from CYMPO’s member governments as well as input from a Stakeholders and Providers group. Additional guidance was received from CYMPO’s Executive Board, which accepted the Plan in January 2009.


Transit Needs Study

The prelude to the Transit Implementation Plan Study was the Regional Transit Needs Study that was finalized in April 2007.  The plan was developed to determine the feasibility of implementing a transit system potentially serving the City of Prescott, Towns of Chino Valley, Dewey-Humboldt and Prescott Valley, and adjacent unincorporated areas of Yavapai County.  Please click the following link to view the Regional Transit Needs Study Final Report. Click Here (NOTE: This file is a 22MB PDF and will take a while to download.  We suggest you right click the link and select “Save link as…”)
Plans, Studies, and Reports