Ecosystem Connectivity and Mitigation Advisory Committee (EMAC)

The CYMPO Ecosystem Connectivity and Mitigation Advisory Committee (EMAC) is composed of seven voting members from ADOT NW District Environmental, AZ Game & Fish, Yavapai County Land Use Planning Staff, Prescott National Forest, and three private citizens who must reside within the CYMPO planning boundary. The mission of the EMAC is to study and advocate for the preservation of interconnected eco-systems in the CYMPO Region that will integrate land use and mitigation for natural resource protection, and wildlife habitats into the regional transportation planning and design program. The EMAC reports to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on a monthly basis and provides regular reports quarterly, bi-annual or as needed to the Executive Board.

This board adheres to and abides by the Arizona Open Meeting Law and the CYMPO By-Laws.

EMAC Meeting Information

Meetings are held the 4th Monday of the month at the Yavapai County Development Services Training Room, located at 1120 Commerce Drive in Prescott (unless otherwise specified).

Special Note – EMAC meetings will be held in hybrid format. Members of the public may join the meetings in live time as an “attendee” through Microsoft Teams, or in-person at the Yavapai County Development Services Training Room, located at 1120 Commerce Drive in Prescott, Arizona (please refer to the posted agenda for meeting locations). Please note that meetings will no longer be streamed in live time to the CYMPO YouTube Page, but will be uploaded for later viewing.


A majority/quorum of the Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization Ecosystem Connectivity Mitigation Advisory Committee (EMAC) may/will be in attendance at the following:





CYMPO endeavors to make all public meetings accessible to persons in need of foreign language assistance or with disabilities. Please submit submit requests through the Contact Us form 72 hours prior to the meeting to request a reasonable accommodation to participate in this meeting. 


  • Chair – Tammy DeWitt, City of Prescott Community Planning
  • Vice-Chair – Elizabeth Johnson, Arizona Game & Fish
  • Member –  Chuck Budinger, ADOT NW District Environmental
  • Member – Francisco Anaya, Prescott National Forest – U.S. Forest Service
  • Member – Deb Pastor, Private Citizen
  • Member – J.D. Greenberg, Private Citizen
  • Member – John Pratt, Private Citizen