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Request for Proposals

Regional Adaptive Signal Control Technology (ASCT) Assessment of Need, Benefit, and Implementation Plan


Questions & Answers

  1. Do the front/back covers, cover letter, and divider tabs count against the 20 page limit Answer: Yes, the page limit of 20 pages is all-inclusive.
  2. Can you please clarify what should be included on the title page? Answer: The name of firm, name of project, and date should be included on the title page.
  3. Is there a specific format you would like followed for the detailed cost proposal? Answer: The cost proposal should include each team member, their hourly cost, and hours contributed. Costs should also be broken down by Tasks.
  4. RFP page 8 indicates that our “Proposal shall include contact information, curriculum vitae, and references for the lead staff and firm submitting the RFP.” Please clarify how many references should be provided, and if they should be provided for key staff, the firm, or both. Answer: As many references as desired may be included within the 20-page and both should be included.
  5. RFP page 9 indicates that “The Consultant, and any Sub-Consultant, shall possess any necessary license(s) relative to the work to be performed required by an appropriate licensing authority of the State of Arizona, and shall provide evidence of such to CYMPO with their proposal or prior to commencement of the work in such form as CYMPO shall require.” Can you please clarify if we would we need to provide a copy of our Arizona state license with our submittal, and if so, would that be excluded from the defined overall 20-page limit? Answer: The State of Arizona license registration number should be included with the proposal and will be counted as part of the 20-page limit.
  6. RFP page 10 (Section 14. Third Party Agreement Requirements) indicates that our proposals should include the following. However, in reviewing the RFP and the Sample Professional Services Agreement, it appears that no corresponding forms/exhibits for these components were provided; can you please provide a copy of these forms/exhibits? Also, would all required forms/exhibits be excluded from the defined overall
    20-page limit?

    • C. Drug Free Workplace: Proposer must include with its proposal properly completed and executed certification of compliance with applicable state and federal Drug-Free Workplace Acts. Answer: This form may be located at: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/cfo/contractor_recip/grant_agreement_form.cfm Appendix C. The completed form itself will not count toward the 20-page limit.
    • E. Free Competition Certification: Each Proposer shall file an executed statement certifying that such Proposer has not, either directly or indirectly, entered into any agreement, participated in any collusion, or otherwise taken any action, in restraint of free competitive bidding in connection with the submitted bid. Failure to submit the executed statement as part of the biding documents will make the bid nonresponsive and not eligible for award consideration. Answer: A statement will suffice and will be included in the 20-page limit.
  7. Would the required Debarment & Suspension certification form and Restrictions on Lobbying certification form be excluded from the defined overall 20-page limit? Answer: The Debarment & Suspension form and Restrictions on Lobbying certification form will not be counted as part of the 20-page limit.
RFPs and RFQs