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State Route 69 Urbanized Corridor Master Plan

SR69 Urbanized Corridor Master Plan – Request for Proposals

SAMPLE Professional Services Agreement

Questions and Answers 

(Questions regarding this RFP must be received in writing no later than 10 business days after the issuance date of the RFP.)


1. Will there be a need for the consultant to perform an assessment of hazardous materials ( PISA of land uses, historical data) at this stage of the Master Plan? ANSWER: The scope of work for the SR 69 Urbanized Corridor Master Plan will not include an assessment of hazardous materials at this stage


2. A) Regarding the RFP’s Third Party Agreement Requirements, are forms available for the following?: Debarment and Suspension Certification, Drug-Free Workplace Certification, Restrictions on Lobbying Certification, Free Competition Certification, DBE Intended Participation Affidavit. If forms are required, will these forms be provided? Or, is CYMPO just looking for written statements certifying each of these items? Also, will these statements and/or forms be required of subconsultants?

B) Are the certifications, whether forms or written responses, included in the 15 page count?

C) In the Sample PSA, as written, CYMPO’s indemnification language seems inconsistent with A.R.S. §§ 34-226 and 41-2586. Will CYMPO revise this language upon any contract award so that is consistent with the aforementioned anti-indemnify statutes?

Answer to items 2A, 2B, and 2C:

All Third Party Agreement Requirements apply to contractor and subcontractor. We have posted the forms for Lobbying, Debarment and DBE certification here. In answering this question, we have determined that the item, “Free Competition Certification” is no longer required. The RFP has been updated to reflect this change. The remaining items should be provided by written statement or similar documentation.  Please provide these in addition to the 15 page limit. Should an award be issued to a firm, CYMPO will evaluate and appropriately revise the contract language and commits to compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations. 


3. Is there an available TransCAD model that includes the study area for this project? If not, is there another available transportation model for use on this project? ANSWER: All available TransCAD model files developed as part of the CYMPO Long-Range Transportation Plan can be made available to the selected Consultant. Includes input/output files for base year and future year. Does not include a user interface.  


4. Is there an expectation that this project uses a specific travel demand model or software? ANSWER: ​No, there is no expectation of a specific model or software.

5. For the 2 build scenarios (in the Implementation/Deliverables section), what model years are you looking to evaluate levels of service?ANSWER: To align with CYMPO’s Regional Transportation Plan 2045, you can use 2030 and 2045. 

6. When obtaining traffic counts for this project, do you also want vehicle class information (to identify freight vehicles)? ​ANSWER: CYMPO is interested in data on freight vs. non-freight vehicles in the study area. 

7. Can one page be 11” x 17” for the cost proposal and cost breakdown? ​ANSWER: The RFP requires all information on 8.5″x11″ paper. 

8. Can one page be 11” x 17” for the project experience/project examples? ANSWER: The RFP requires all information on 8.5″x11″ paper. 

9. Can one page be 11” x 17” for the project schedule? ANSWER: The RFP requires all information on 8.5″x11″ paper. 

10. Can we include 1-page resumes in an Appendix that is not counted towards the 15 pages?ANSWER: All are asked to limit their submission to 15 pages not including cover page or back page. 

11. What is the desired project schedule length? (12 months, 18 months, etc.) ANSWER: CYMPO has not prescribed a project timeline however, we hope to have this Corridor plan complete around the same time as the completion of our Sundog Connector DCR and EO project.

12. Please send or direct me to the location of the following forms that are referenced to be submitted along with the above referenced RFP.

  • Section 18. Third Party Agreement Requirements
  • Request for Proposal Certifications Form noted in Item 20. Assurances, 7
  • Any additional required certifications or forms that may not have been attached to the RFP 

ANSWER: The Third Party Agreement Requirements listed in Section 18 and other required certifications may be found in the answer to question #2 posted above. The Certifications Form may be accessed by clicking here.

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