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2050 Regional Transportation Plan


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Questions and Answers:

1. Can you please clarify whether or not there is a DBE goal for the CYMPO 2050 Regional Transportation Plan? Page 12 of the RFP states the goal at 0.00% and page 17 states the goal as 1.74%.  

CYMPO Response:  The DBE goal for the RTP is 0.00%. The 1.74% DBE goal found on page 17 is a typographical error. Our sample contract includes the following statement: “THE CONTRACT WILL NOT BE EXECUTED IF ONE OF THE ABOVE CONDITIONS ARE NOT MET AND/OR THE FIRM FAILS TO SUBMIT THE REQUIRED DBE PARTICIPATION FORMS.”

2. As a follow-on question to the above: If the goal is 0.00%, do we need to submit the ADOT DBE Intended Participation Affidavits for the Prime and Subconsultant located on the CYMPO website?  

CYMPO Response:  Per the contract language excerpt in CYMPO’s response to Question 1., DBE participation forms should be submitted despite the assigned DBE goal being 0%.

RFPs and RFQs