By Cindy Barks
Prescott Daily Courier
August 16, 2021

With development expected to continue to grow north of Highway 89A, discussions about a new freeway that would connect Highway 89A with Highway 89 are being revived.

The need for the Great Western Highway was discussed extensively in the 2008-to-2010 timeframe. But in the aftermath of the Great Recession, the new highway has been largely on hold for more than a decade.

Now, local transportation planners are taking another look at the Great Western Highway, a 9.5-mile route that would run north of Highway 89A at or near Glassford Hill Road, and then head west toward Chino Valley at Road 5 South, ultimately connecting up with Highway 89.

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Local Transportation in the News Great Western Highway up for new traffic, alignment study in 2025-26