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Safe Streets. Safe Speeds. Safe Vehicles. Safe People. – Let’s come together to create safe travel for everyone.

Safe streets are the foundation of a livable region. When people step out their front door, they expect and deserve a safe way to get where they’re going, whether it’s walking or bicycling in the neighborhood, getting to transit, or driving down a highway.

Safety Concerns when Driving, Bicycling or Walking

Please tell us what is important to you. We can’t make a better community without hearing from you. Please click the button below to take a 20 question survey, and then drop a pin on specific areas of concern you have regarding local transportation safety issues.

When complete with the survey, you will see a map. On that map, please identify locations in the region where it is unsafe to drive, ride a bicycle or walk. There will be instructions, and you’ll drag a pin to specific areas of concern, and tell us why and what you’d like to see. Include locations where you had a negative experience driving, biking, or walking (crash, near-miss, unsafe behavior by motorists, cyclists or pedestrians, etc.) and locations where you would like to bike or walk but currently can’t because you feel it is unsafe. You can add as many locations to the map as you want.

In the last 5 years, the CYMPO region had 8,256 crashes that led to 62 deaths and 3,390 injuries, including 329 serious injuries. Our vision is zero.  The Regional Transportation Safety Plan will provide a regionally-focused, data-driven framework for increasing traffic safety on roadways in the greater CYMPO region. The Plan focuses on strategies and actions drawn from best practices proven to reduce traffic-related deaths and serious injuries. Our vision is zero. Share it.

Northern Arizona Safe Streets


Safe travel for all embraces the guiding principle that serious traffic crashes are preventable, and that no death or severe injury is acceptable. Together we will use strategies that are equitable, data-driven, and collaborative as steps to reducing or eliminating severe traffic injuries and deaths in our region.


Safe Systems


SAFE STREETS SAVE LIVES – We can do this, together.

CYMPO is our region’s transportation planning agency. We’re made up of public agency partners from across central Yavapai County who work alongside residents like you, to create a safe and convenient transportation system for our region. Through a combination of safer street design, evidence-based public policy, thoughtful public engagement, and participation from our community, we can ensure the streets of central Yavapai County and neighboring communities are safe for everyone.

As a member of our community, you have valuable experiences and great ideas about improving transportation safety – we want to hear them. We will listen to you, consult with you, involve you, and collaborate with you.

Here’s how to provide input:

    In planning for a safer transportation system, we ask you to think about the roadways, transit, bicycling, walking, and rolling as it relates to transportation safety, equity, and the environment. Share your experiences, ideas, and priorities with us. Your input will lead to a better future for all. Provide your comments using any of these methods:
    • Drop a comment on the Contact Us page of our website:
    • Call the CYMPO office at: 928-442-5730
    • Mail a written comment to the CYMPO office: 1971 Commerce Center Circle, Suite E, Prescott, AZ 86301

The Regional Transportation Safety Plan anticipates completion in December 2023. We will be seeking public and stakeholder input throughout the process. Follow us on Facebook for upcoming public events, surveys, plan updates, and more!

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Northern Arizona Regional Transportation Safety Plan