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Design Concept Report (DCR) and Environmental Overview (EO) Project News

This page will be updated with information regarding the Sundog Connector Corridor.  Any new studies, news, meeting plans, or other information will be posted here.

Page Updated November 15, 2022 (Newsletter Issue #4)

CYMPO Project Manager: Lindsay Post, Transportation Planner

AECOM (Consulting Partner) Project Manager: Matt Bondy

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Public Open House Event Recap

Our first public event was on September 7th. We saw 93 people sign in and their participation, questions, and feedback made it a very successful event. A special Thank You goes out to municipal and private partner staff members who came to help provide information about the Sundog Connector project. This input will be used to develop the conceptual design of the corridor.

Download the Open House Meeting Summary Document (27 pages, PDF):
20221104_Sundog_OpenHouse_Summary FINAL

In case you missed it, here were the focus areas:

  • History of CYMPO and Project
  • Traffic Analyses
  • Emergency Response
  • Connectivity to Open Space
  • Population Growth
  • Environmental Overview
  • Engagement Activities

Frequently Asked Questions and Commonly Heard Concerns

Is The Sundog Connector Going to be built as soon as the DCR is complete?

No commitment to construct the Sundog Connector has been made beyond this DCR project. No funds have been identified for construction.

What will the speed be and what will the road look like?

The 18-month design concept report will help determine the characteristics of the road including capacity, speed, and roadway features.

So why is CYMPO conducting a DCR now?

This project is identified as a priority project in our Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and is based on the 2013 Sundog Connector Corridor Study conducted by the City of Prescott. During our 2021 strategic planning retreat with our Executive Board (made up of elected officials from the Quad-Cities and County) and Technical Advisory Committee, this project was chosen as a priority to study further. To help the decision makers evaluate next steps in our region, this DCR is running in tandem with the SR69 Master Corridor Plan scheduled to kick-off this fall.

How can I make sure my questions and concerns are addressed? Does my input even matter?

All meetings are open public meetings and project information and updates can be found on this page. You can also participate in the two Public Outreach meetings scheduled during the 18-month project. Your input is extremely valuable in helping us understand community need, concerns, questions, and ideas and in developing the concept of the design.


In 2013, the City of Prescott and ADOT conducted the Sundog Connector Corridor Study (26MB, 216 page PDF). This project follows up that study by preparing a conceptual design for further consideration.

On May 10th our project’s Technical Advisory Team and chosen consultant, AECOM, met to kickoff this project and identify critical community stakeholders.

Stakeholders identified for this project include representatives from HOAs, local planning agencies, community and affinity interest groups, emergency response, and area businesses.

Project Newsletters

Newsletter #4 – November 4, 2022
Newsletter #3 – August 15, 2022
Newsletter #2 – June 28, 2022
Newsletter #1 – May 18, 2022

Why We Engage Stakeholders in Our Planning Process

Provide Expertise
Stakeholders are a wealth of knowledge about current processes, historical information, and industry insight.

Reduce and Uncover Risks and Challenges
Identifying obstacles and developing a mitigation plan will dramatically increase the success of our project. Involving knowledgeable stakeholders during this process will help.

Increase Project Success
Getting buy-in by engaging stakeholders early and often, we have a better chance of meeting needs and expectations of the design concept.

Fast Facts

Two Ends Constructed:

  • Year 2000 – at E SR 69 near Home Depot
  • Year 2010 – at Prescott Lakes Parkway

Study Area: 3.5 total miles

Q: What is a Design Concept Report?

A: A DCR records the design concepts for major aspects of the project that might be worth developing as detailed designs. This DCR will take place over the next 18 months.

What is the Project Team working on Now?

Existing & Future Conditions Analysis:

  • Data for Traffic, population, and employment
  • Pavement and Geotechnical Needs
  • Drainage and wash crossings
  • Research Right-of-Way
  • Summarize known environmental issues and potential risks
  • Evaluate environmental components such as biological and natural resources, cultural resources, wildlife/ecosystem impacts

Identify Purpose and Need:

  • Solicit Public Input to help inform:
  • Recommended Intersection Locations
  • Multimodal considerations (bike, pedestrian, equestrian, public transit, etc.)
  • Roadway features and accessibility
  • Evaluation and Identification of a preferred Build Alternative

Public Involvement

Stakeholders and the public are different subsets and require different communication strategies. To help engage and educate the public, CYMPO and AECOM will hold two public meetings and provide frequent information and updates through various means including social media, direct mail, this newsletter and more. Stay Tuned!

Project Timeline

The following is a tentative timeline for the Sundog Corridor. Any updates to this timeline will be posted here. UPDATED February 23, 2023.

SunDog Timeline


Sundog Connector DCR & EO List of Stakeholders

  • Prescott Police
  • ADOT Local District Engineer’s Office
  • Yavapai Hills, Stone Ridge, Prescott Lakes HOA Reps
  • Prescott Pedestrian/Bike Technical Advisory Committee
  • Yavapai Trails Association
  • Commercial business owners near Sundog Terminus points
  • Gisi Development
  • Town/City Council Members
  • CAFMA fire and medical response – Prescott Valley
  • Community Development/Planning staff/Parks and Rec. Staff/Administrators from Prescott and Prescott Valley
  • Chambers of Commerce in Prescott and Prescott Valley
  • Sierra Club
  • Citizens Water Advocacy Group
  • Fire Chief Holger Durre – City of Prescott
  • Save the Dells
  • ADOT Utility Coordinators
  • Arizona State Land
  • APS
  • Prescott Saddle Club
  • Granite Dells Preservation Foundation
  • Prescott Audubon Society
  • Sundog TAC (STAC) – consisting of our TAC plus planning, public works, and other area staff
  • Sundog Disconnect Group
  • Storm Ranch Development