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This page will be updated with information regarding the Sundog Connector Corridor.  Any new studies, news, meeting plans, or other information will be posted here.

CYMPO Project Manager: Lindsay Post, Transportation Planner

AECOM (Consulting Partner) Project Manager: Matt Bondy

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In 2013, the City of Prescott and ADOT conducted the Sundog Connector Corridor Study (26MB, 216 page PDF). This project follows up that study by preparing a conceptual design for further consideration.

On May 10th our project’s Technical Advisory Team and chosen consultant, AECOM, met to kickoff this project and identify critical community stakeholders.

Stakeholders identified for this project include representatives from HOAs, local planning agencies, community and affinity interest groups, emergency response, and area businesses.

Important Documents

Sundog Connector Stakeholder Meeting #1 – June 3rd, 2022

Sundog Connector Kick-Off Meeting – May 10, 2022

Q: What is a Design Concept Report?

A: A DCR records the design concepts for major aspects of the project that might be worth developing as detailed designs. This DCR will take place over the next 18 months.

Why We Engage Stakeholders in Our Planning Process

Provide Expertise
Stakeholders are a wealth of knowledge about current processes, historical information, and industry insight.

Reduce and Uncover Risks and Challenges
Identifying obstacles and developing a mitigation plan will dramatically increase the success of our project. Involving knowledgeable stakeholders during this process will help.

Increase Project Success
Getting buy-in by engaging stakeholders early and often, we have a better chance of meeting needs and expectations of the design concept.

Fast Facts

Two Ends Constructed:

  • Year 2000 – at E SR 69 near Home Depot
  • Year 2010 – at Prescott Lakes Parkway

Study Area: 3.5 total miles

Public Involvement

Stakeholders and the public are different subsets and require different communication strategies. To help engage and educate the public, CYMPO and AECOM will hold two public meetings and provide frequent information and updates through various means including social media, direct mail, this newsletter and more. Stay Tuned!

Project Timeline

The following is a tentative timeline for the Sundog Corridor. Any updates to this timeline will be posted here.

Sundog Timeline June 2022

Sundog Connector Corridor Updates