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ADOT starts I-17 project to improve travel to Flagstaff

Crews will repave, rebuild 28 miles northbound An Arizona Department of Transportation project scheduled to start Monday, April 30, will deliver a smoother driving surface along 28 miles of northbound Interstate 17 leading to Flagstaff, a stretch battered by repeated...

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ADOT crews now can clear travel lanes of minor wrecks

Helping with Quick Clearance promotes safety, reduces congestion With a goal of keeping drivers and first responders safe and traffic flowing, Arizona Department of Transportation personnel are now authorized to clear or order removal of vehicles that are involved in...

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When you see flashing lights, “Move Over”

FLASHING LIGHTS? GIVE 'EM SPACE MOVE OVER We hope “Move Over” rings familiar. If not, let’s refresh your memory: • “Move Over” is a state law that requires motorists to move over one lane – or slow down if it is not safe to change lanes – when approaching any vehicle...

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Drivers: Roadway safety is in your control

Choices made to drive dangerously makes roads less safe for everyone Control yourself. Control your vehicle. Save lives. That’s the message the Arizona Department of Transportation is sending to motorists this weekend, urging drivers to make roads safer for everyone...

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